Media Coverage

Tel Aviv University (TAU) initiated a year ago its plan to significantly reduce such gasses on campus to create a model for carbon neutrality (israel365news NOV 9, 2021)

The Green Campus Committee, led by TAU president Prof. Ariel Porat, will formulate a strategic plan for reducing greenhouse gas emissions on campus (NOV. 9, 2021, The Jerusalem Post)

The Hyp-Phe-Phe molecule can operate devices such as pacemakers or streetlights, sans batteries, simply by harnessing the force of nearby movements (Israel21c, July 26, 2021)

TAU’s Steinhardt Museum of Natural History sets out to explain global warming, why it’s bad, and what we can do to save the planet (The Times ofi Israel, 25 July, 2021)

Researchers from TAU have discovered significant quantities of drug remains in 11 different sites along Israel’s coast (Ynet, August 19, 2020)

Scientists from Tel Aviv University have development a method that sheds light on how memories are formed while we sleep (Ynet, August 9, 2020)

Changes in the way landfill sites are managed near IDF bases as a result of a study conducted by researchers from TAU on bird gatherings at landfill sites (Ha’aretz, August 3, 2020)

TAU Researchers have developed a method for producing alcogel from waste, such as urban and agricultural cuttings, straw and paper fiber scraps - that is low cost, decentralized and environmentally friendly (Ynet, June 24, 2020)

The initiative will harness Israel’s innovative ability to fight the damaging effects of pollution in the Mediterranean Sea and throughout the world, particularly in Monaco (Globes, September 16, 2019)

Prof. Ran Barkai of Tel Aviv University, who is researching the cave located near Rosh Ha-Ayin, said: "Apparently the small tools were used for very precise cutting, almost surgical, in addition to coarser cutting using larger tools" (Ynet, May 29, 2019)

The study, led by Prof. Yossi Yuval of the Zoology Department, found a direct connection between food and sex among the common fruit bat (Hayadan, May 24, 2019)

The ecological footprint of country’s water supply system is nothing short of significant, TAU study finds (AUG. 9, 2020, The Jerusalem Post​)

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